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Mar 17, 2013 - 05:26 PM
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2013 Bristol: Brad Keselowski NASCAR Sprint Cup Post-Race Press Conference
Posted by: ASkyler on Mar 17, 2013 - 05:26 PM
2013 Bristol: Brad Keselowski NASCAR Sprint Cup Post-Race Press Conference

BRAD KESELOWSKI - No. 2 Miller Lite Ford Fusion - "At the end it started to come together. We weren’t very close at the start, that’s for sure, but the guys on the 2 team got it dialed in there towards the end and had a shot at a solid finish. I don’t think I had anything for Kasey. I don’t know if anyone did. He was so good through the middle and, really, everywhere. He was kind of in a league of his own, but I’ll be damned if that was gonna keep me from trying. He drove a good race and got himself in position. He worked me over pretty good and somehow we worked through traffic and got back by him, but, obviously, that last yellow - I haven’t seen a replay of what happened - but that cost us the lead. We kind of hung in there and raced Kyle here pretty hard for second and then Kurt came in there and raced pretty hard for third and we just had a good battle going there. I kind of hated to see that one come to an end."

WERE THESE CARS DIFFERENT FROM WHAT WE HAD HERE A YEAR AGO? "They don’t look the same to me, they look different to me. That other car was butt ugly. This one looks a little better to me. Obviously, there are some different things in them with rear-end housings and little different suspension stuff, so the cars are definitely different. We wouldn’t be setting new track records if they weren’t. They obviously drive a little different, too, because of that stuff, so I guess I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at there, but they’re definitely a different challenge and hopefully an upgrade for the future."


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IT LOOKED LIKE A BETTER RACE THAN LAST YEAR. THERE WERE SIX OF YOU BATTLING FOR THE LEAD WITH 20 TO GO. "That’s a good point. I didn’t see the race because I was driving, but I thought last fall’s race was pretty good. They’re all good to me, but maybe I’ve got a bad seat."

YOU HAD A TEAMMATE INVOLVED IN THE FEUD TODAY. DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN THE 11 AND 22? "I didn’t have a great vantage point of whatever happened there. I was too far behind it. I saw the replay and obviously Joey didn’t spin on his own, but you only see one snapshot of what happened and usually things like that are multiple laps in the making. He definitely didn’t spin on his own."

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT IF YOU HAVE A FEEL FOR WHAT THIS CAR NEEDS AFTER FOUR RACES? "I feel like we do. Obviously, we’re off to my best start ever and that’s really cool. I’m happy for my team and all that stuff. I think we know as a team what we need. There’s a question as to what we need as a sport, but I think we’ve got a pretty good handle on it with the 2 team. Obviously, we can’t keep our feet still. We know guys like Kyle and Jimmie and those guys are gonna continue to push and make their cars better and we’ve got to keep digging and push on our stuff, too. But I think we’ve got a pretty good feel for it on the 2 team."

WHAT HAPPENED ON THE LAST RESTART AGAIN? "I haven’t seen a replay, I just know that my rear tires were off the ground before I got to the restart zone. Eventually I got hit so hard that it pushed my foot in the gas pedal and it made myself look like an ass, but that was the deal and I never had another chance."

DO YOU THINK THE TIRE ISSUES WERE A RESULT OF THE SHORT TRACK? "I think my first race here was 2010 and we blew out all of those tires, and I can tell you that this tire is considerably better than what we’ve had here in the past, and I think there’s been a lot of progress made. You would be hard-pressed, at least from my end, to find anybody to really sit down and have some gripes about the tires."

HOW MUCH OF WHAT WE SAW WITH YOU AND KASEY WAS A CHESS GAME WITH THE LAPPED CARS? "You asked before if the old Bristol was back and I would counter that by saying, ‘No, the old Bristol can never come back.’ There will never been a 1995-99, it’s a whole different era with a different car and you can’t re-create that. You can try like hell, but you’ll probably be just disappointed in the result. But I say that the old Bristol isn’t back, I quite honestly feel like this one is better. Now it’s hard because you don’t have the nostalgia effect, and you don’t have the Terry Labonte-Dale Earnhardt battles for the win and all that kind of stuff. That’s not coming back, but I think you have something better than that right now. I know there are a lot of people that don’t see it that way, but I think if you look at it objectively this was a great race. I felt like probably the last half-dozen races here have been solid races in retrospect to what we’ve seen in the past. It’s a very racy track. It’s a bit of a unknown. It changes a lot throughout the race. You have the ability to run into each other like you always had, but you also have the ability to really work a lot of different lanes and that makes lap traffic and all that stuff really fun to go through and really fun to watch."

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