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Jun 21, 2014 - 05:09 PM
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2014 Sonoma: Jamie McMurray NASCAR Sprint Cup Post-Qualifying Press Conference
Posted by: ASkyler on Jun 21, 2014 - 05:08 PM
2014 Sonoma: Jamie McMurray NASCAR Sprint Cup Post-Qualifying Press Conference


NEW QUALIFYING TRACK RECORD, THIS IS OUR 11TH QUALIFYING TRACK RECORD THAT WE HAVE SET THIS YEAR WITH THE NEW QUALIFYING FORMAT, THIS IS YOUR 10TH POLE IN THE NASCAR SPRINT CUP SERIES, FIRST POLE OF 2014, BUT THIRD HERE AT SONOMA. TALK A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOUR QUALIFYING RUN OUT THERE TODAY: "The last segment was really good. I was nervous when we pulled out for our first segment or first lap because the track had no grip. It was way worse than what we had in practice. But I knew it was the same for everybody so I just drove the car at 90 percent to make sure you didn’t run off and get a good lap put together. I was a little disappointed that we had to go back out and make another lap to get into the top 12 because I felt like that was going to ruin our chances at getting a good starting spot or sitting on the pole. But Keith (Rodden, crew chief) and Josh they just did an awesome job adjusting on the car. I put together a really smooth lap the last run. It didn’t feel like I got off Turn 7 or Turn 11 near as good as I did the previous two, but the esses were really good for me, just really quick around the corners. This knockout qualifying is just an emotional roller coaster from not making it in the top 12 and having to go back out and bump your way in. To then being on the pole there are a lot of highs and lows that go with it. It’s really cool for us to kind of get bumped out and then come back and set on the pole, pretty cool."


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TALK A LITTLE BIT ABOUT HOW STRONG THE ROAD COURSE PROGRAM IS AT CHIP GANASSI RACING: "I don’t feel like our road course cars are any better than our oval cars right now. Our cars are just really good, the engines are good. The simulation is working really well. I feel like our teams are working well together. I don’t put that just in this category. I think our short-track cars are good. I think the intermediates are good, speedway; all of them have been great this year. It’s nice that Kyle (Larson) and I both put together good laps today, but it’s not just about these cars. I think it’s about our entire program right now. I feel really good about it."

YOU’VE GOT TWO GANASSI CARS IN THE TOP THREE, NO HENDRICK CARS ADVANCED TO THE SECOND ROUND, TALK A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THE TEAM AND GANASSI THIS YEAR: "I honestly don’t know where anyone else qualified. But the engines have been great and I talked to Scottie (Maxim) from Hendrick Motorsports before qualifying started and we were talking about fuel maps and what we need. They have been really helpful in not only providing good power, but giving guidance I guess when we have questions. And helping us go along the right path. Our cars have been really good all year long. Kyle (Larson) I think is eighth or ninth in points right now. They really haven’t had any bad luck yet. He has been able to put all those races together and has a great season going so far. The No. 1 team has had great cars as well. I won the All-Star race and I look at the speed that we have had. Even last week, I thought we had the car to beat last week and I messed up on the last restart and spun the tires a little bit. Then the No. 88 got into the back of me and it killed my momentum and then I ended up brushing the wall and it crumbled in like 30 laps. But we had a car I thought last week capable of winning. Just every week it’s been good. Even tracks I’ve struggled at in the past or historically bad tracks for me, Keith (Rodden, crew chief) had been able to give me a car capable of running up front and maybe winning. I can’t say enough. I won’t say what driver, but I was talking to a driver walking out of Michigan and he asked where I finished and he is a guy that has run really well in the past. He was like enjoy it while you have it because it sucks when it’s not going your way. I’m like well I know this because I have been on both sides of it. But it is so much fun every week to come to the race track right now and know that you are going to qualify well. And if things aren’t going well that your team is capable of turning it around and getting a good finish out of it, it’s a really good time right now."

WHAT KIND OF ADVICE DID YOU GIVE KYLE (LARSON) ABOUT THIS ROAD COURSE? HOW SURPRISED ARE YOU THAT HE DID SO WELL ON HIS FIRST TIME HERE? "I’m not shocked at all. Kyle (Larson) has done a really good job at every track we have been to this year. He is a sponge, not only in asking me or the other guys questions, but he watches what happens on the race track. And I think does a really good job adapting to that. Not shocked at all. We talked a little bit, we had a map printed out. I told him kind of this is what I look for in each of these corners. This is what I want my car to do so that when he goes out and practices if his car is not doing that he needs to come in and have them fix it. They were a little bit off I thought in race trim, but every time they put their car in qualifying trim they were really fast this weekend. I expect for him to learn as the race goes and he will have a good day tomorrow."

CONSIDERING THE GRIP WAS NOT VERY GOOD HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THE FACT THAT SO MANY OF THE DRIVERS BEAT THE TRACK QUALIFYING RECORD HERE TODAY? "Well our cars and I say our cars as Sprint Cup cars right now we have an inch and a half more rear spoiler and the front pan that they let us have creates a couple of hundred pounds more downforce than what we had last year. Really almost every track we are going to this year we can run faster it just doesn’t feel fast. It’s weird that it feels that bad and you can run that good of a lap time. Really it’s just about how much more grip the cars have versus last year."

DOES THE NEW QUALIFYING FORMAT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HOW THESE RECORDS ARE FALLING FROM A DRIVERS PERSPECTIVE? ANY INSPIRATION OR MOTIVATION THAT IS SPEEDING GUYS UP? "I would say when we go to places that have just been repaved, Michigan or Kansas that this qualifying format might help some of the speeds because they bring such a hard tire to those tracks. Normally your second or third run out, I think we qualified on 20 lap tires at Michigan, just because the car is hard to drive on stickers. I can see where it would help at some of those places. Here or Fontana which is one of the slickest tracks we run on there is like a second of fall off from the first run to the second run traditionally. Somehow this year when we come in and let the cars cool down and you sit there for 15 minutes you are able to go out and put it all together. I have been pretty amazed at some of the tracks that guys have been able to go faster on their second or third run than what they could the first run at abrasive race tracks. We did it today. It’s just about getting your car the balance right and making all the right decisions."

YOU’VE BEEN ON THE POLE HERE TWICE BEFORE BUT IT HASN’T TRANSLATED INTO THE RESULTS YOU WANTED ON SUNDAY. HOW DIFFERENTLY DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THINGS THIS YEAR? WHAT WERE SOME OF THE ISSUES THAT PREVENTED YOU FROM FINISHING WHERE YOU WANTED THE LAST TWO TIMES? " Well I don’t remember exactly what happened in those other races, but this race is about having good strategy and having a little bit of luck. It’s about not getting run into in Turn 4 and Turn 7 on a restart. I’ve run enough races here that I’ve had every issue you could have with running out of gas one year with Juan Pablo (Montoya) the year he won. To getting wrecked in Turn 7 on a restart because someone from 15th dive bombed me into the corner with no chance to make it. So I mean in order to win it’s no different than any other weekend you have to put it all together and you have to have good strategy. You have to have a good car and you have to make decisions as a driver. I just haven’t been able to put it all together here. I feel better probably about my car this year than I have in the past. I have qualified well here, but there have only been a few years I thought we had a really good race car. Yesterday in practice I thought we had one of the better cars on the long run. We did a really good job going into the second practice of making the right adjustments to the car and it hung on really well. I feel better right now than I have in the past."

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED REALLY SEEMS TO BE THE THEME OF THIS RACE OVER THE LAST 10 YEARS A DIFFERENT WINNER ALMOST EVERY YEAR. IF YOU ARE UP FRONT HOW MUCH OF AN ADVANTAGE IS THAT? "Yeah, this will be a pretty interesting race especially if you have two or three guys looking for that first win and we have a green-white-checkered. It will be pretty interesting to see kind of how that plays out because I think people will be really aggressive on the last few restarts. This is one of those tracks that you are going so slow at that you can get into somebody and just spin them out. You are not going to put them into the wall or anything. It will be interesting if we have a green-white-checkered here and there are some guys fighting to get into that Chase spot."

WHEN YOU MADE YOUR RUN THE TRACK WAS GETTING MORE AND MORE DIRT ON IT. WAS THAT A CONCERN FOR YOU? "I’m glad I didn’t know that going out. No, I didn’t see a lot of dirt. There was a little bit of dirt off Turn 10, but someone runs off there every single lap when you are in practice. The car is pretty straight at that point. So, no, I really didn’t think about all that. Normally, when you go out to qualify you are so zoned in to kind of what is going on that you miss out on a lot of those common things that you think you would see. You are so focused on shifting and braking and hitting your marks that I didn’t really even see any of that."

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