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Aug 09, 2014 - 06:42 PM
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2014 Watkins Glen: Marcos Ambrose NASCAR Nationwide Post-Race Press Conference
Posted by: ASkyler on Aug 09, 2014 - 06:42 PM
2014 Watkins Glen: Marcos Ambrose NASCAR Nationwide Post-Race Press Conference

MARCOS AMBROSE, No. 09 Stanley Ford Mustang (PRESS CONFERENCE) - "This is a fantastic day for RPM. The King is here and it is great to celebrate in victory lane with him. For all he has been through personally this year and our team making the Chase with the 43 and now winning a race in the Nationwide series with Scott, our part time crew chief and full time R&D specialist. This was our R&D team that put this together for this one race. It shows the strength of the people at RPM that we can do it on our own and field a car that can take it to the very best in the business. A big hat off to all of my crew and the Cup series teams that all chipped in to get us here and do the pit stops to help us out. It is just a great day. It really was one of my best wins here. Obviously the spectacular finish with Brad Keselowski comes to the front of your mind but for me, this one was more rewarding because we really earned it. We spun out early on and fought our way back passing a lot of cars and got good track position with good strategy and were able to hold them off at the end."

SCOTT MCDOUGALL, crew chief, No. 09 Stanley Ford Mustang - WHAT HAS IT BEEN LIKE GETTING THIS TEAM READY TO COME HERE? "Well when they came and said we were going to run Marcos at Watkins Glen it was easy to get excited and get behind. His history here and capabilities - then we kind of helped stack the deck a little bit. The car that he battled to win in the Cup series is the same chassis we brought back and put a Nationwide body on it. We did some things to maximize on anything. The lead engineer on the car Christina Rudisill named the car Maxey at that point. To speak on what Marcos said, it takes everybody at our place to bring this thing together from the Nationwide guys putting in extra hours and for the 43 team to put it together and the 9 and 43 Cup teams and the R&D team participating, it was everybody that touched the car. It is awesome to see the result."


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MARCOS AMBROSE CONTINUED - CAN YOU WALK US THROUGH THE FINAL FEW LAPS? "I ran into something. I am not sure who it was but he was in the wrong spot. I thought my day was done when I hit him because I clobbered him pretty good but we got across that area there around the headlight and it didn’t puncture through so it was no harm, no foul. We were able to bring it home. We were about eight laps to go when that happened. I was taking chances. At the end I wasn’t as fast as Kyle. I had to take chances through traffic to keep the track position and keep the gap. That is what happens when you have to commit like that. It was pretty spectacular run home because Kyle was really coming fast. As soon as he passed the 12 - the 12 was giving me a hard time and I wore him out and the next thing I know I have that big green M coming toward me and it was like, ‘Oh no, here we go again.’ I was able to fend him off. I should look at the stats of the race too because I thought it was 80 laps. When I saw there were three to go I was like, Oh no! I had to dig deep to find something extra to keep him off."

HOW DO YOU KEEP FROM GOING OVER THE EDGE? "The drivers out here, even today at the front of the field are the best drivers in the world. We get paid to not make mistakes and run it to the very edge. That is what we do. We all do it. The Cup race will be no exception. You will have the best road racers in the world out there duking it out. We have so many laps in these cars, so many miles, so many times where we do go past the edge so we know where it is and are able to get it right there on that brink. It is not easy to do that especially when someone behind you is coming. It is easy to get flustered and try harder and go over that mark and lock a wheel or run off the track or get a big slide going. These cars talk to you a little bit. They rock around and move a little bit so you kind of know when you are on the very edge. Today was 100-percent attack from the moment I spun out I drove 100-percent every single lap."

IN A STRANGE WAY, DID THE EARLY SPIN FACTOR INTO THE WIN AT ALL IN TERMS OF MAKING UP LAPS ON FRESH TIRES? "Yeah, if you had told me that was how we would do the race I would say that is a bad strategy. But it worked out for us. The two guys spinning through the bus stop ended up finishing first and second. It just shows you how these races are never over. You can’t quit. Just because you are going through the grass backwards doesn’t mean your race is done. We got off sequence and I knew we had to pass a lot of cars quickly to get back in the race. That is what we were able to do. Then we had a different strategy with staying on those tires through the middle stint and it worked out really well."

HOW IMPORTANT WAS IT FOR YOU TO WIN THE DRAG RACE WITH JOEY WHEN HE WAS COMING OFF PIT ROAD? "Super important. I think if I hadn’t cleared him right there he would have been gone. Maybe I could have stalked him a little and got him in traffic but we had a fast enough car to lead but it would have been tough to pass those cats because they were hauling the mail as much as I was. I was using my stuff up to keep the advantage I had. I think if they could have got out in front of us it would have been hard to pass them."

TALK ABOUT THE INCIDENT WITH KYLE THERE. "It was early in the race so I looked up halfway down the back straightaway there and he was in the line. I knew he was close but he was close lots before and hadn’t ducked out. He ducked out late and then the spotter was late and then I turned in anyway because I was already committed to that line and he bumped my left rear there. It wasn’t intentional. I have no malice toward him whatsoever because he spun out too. He was trying to get out of the way just as much as he was hitting me and spinning himself out trying to save the problem. No harm, no foul. It is hard racing and it shows you we are taking chances early on. It was lap six or lap seven."

HOW DOES THIS AFFECT YOUR CONFIDENCE FOR TOMORROW? "I was more confident this morning going into the Nationwide qualifying than I was the Cup car. I was a little skeptical of how we would do in Cup qualifying. It turned out the Cup car was better than the Nationwide car. I am not going to make any judgments. I am going to sleep well tonight and jump in that race car and go tomorrow."

SCOTT MCDOUGALL CONTINUED - ORIGINALLY BEING FROM NEW YORK, WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO COME BACK AND GET A WIN HERE? "It is real special. There is a lot of good local racing around here from dirt to asphalt to road courses. I spent a lot of time at local tracks working and even driving up at Can-Am Speedway. To come back to your area now that you have moved out of state and to know what you did and what you used to do in these areas and come back and be able to be what you used to watch - I have been here with the old Bush North cars at the time, so this is humongous for me. It is very special."

MARCOS AMBROSE CONTINUED - EVERYONE LIKES TO THINK TOMORROW IS YOUR LAST SHOT TO GET INTO THE CHASE, BUT WHAT ABOUT BRISTOL? "Yeah, I am going to try my very best tomorrow. If I can have the same level of effort and commitment I had today and finish second I will still take it. I can only try my best out there. We have a good shot and probably our best shot to make the Chase tomorrow but Bristol is certainly a race I have run top-five a lot and finished fifth there in the spring so there is no reason we can’t go back there and go a little faster."

DO YOU WONDER WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN IF YOU’D RUN THE LAST COUPLE YEARS IN NATIONWIDE? "Nah, that’s okay. I will take the four wins. I am not greedy. Well, maybe a little bit."

YOUR KIDS ARE OLD ENOUGH TO APPRECIATE WHAT YOU ARE DOING OUT THERE NOW. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO HAVE YOUR FAMILY HERE? "It is really special. They are over there in the corner. I keep telling them that sometimes I can win. I don’t finish 20th every week. It is nice to get them back in victory lane. They have been there a few times but now they are old enough to soak it all in and remember it. It is better than a day at Disney Land I reckon. I love the fact that my family is here and we can enjoy it together. That is part of what makes NASCAR great. They are committed to families. They need to be because we are at the track as much as at home. That is one of the takeaways I will take from my experience in NASCAR, being able to share it with my family."

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