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Date: Nov 21, 2012 - 01:41 PM
Background on PaddockTalk LLC

Background on PaddockTalk LLC: was started by Mike Sulka (Founder/Senior Editor) on January 1st, 2004. The original site was primarily Champ Car oriented. In the middle of 2004, the site expanded to include two additional open-wheel series: Formula One and the IndyCar Series. The response was very positive, so in January of 2005, more editions were added. To date, thirteen Editions have been established, and nearly 100 racing series are now covered by

Our flagship site continued to grow as a respected source for racing news, and has grown far beyond our expectations. In 2006, reached 7500 unique visitors a day. In 2007, those numbers doubled to nearly 15,000 unique visitors each day. Every country/territory in the world (Over 210) records visits to the site each month. In addition to that success, 2012 was a record year for traffic to the site (Up 20 % over 2011).

In January 2006, was added to feature the professional work of the PaddockTalk photography team which has covered a wide array of events including: A1GP, ALMS, Champ Car, Formula One, IRL IndyCar, Grand-Am, NASCAR, the Atlantic series, and more. The ever expanding database of 100% original images continues to rapidly grow. As of December 31st, 2011 it contained nearly 25,000 photos.

In 2012, a new gallery was added at It already contains over 12,000 photos in its first season which have been viewed nearly two million times.

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PaddockTalk's key news partners include: Google News, MSN News, News Now, and many other major Internet news aggregation services.

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